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What will a Senior Writing Portfolio do for me?

College and job applications for students writers include opportunities to showcase your work.  The motive behind a senior portfolio contest is to encourage young writers to organize their work in order to share it with future academic institutions and employers.

Scholastic recognizes eight different categories:   Poetry, Sci Fi/Fantasy,  Personal Essay/Memoir,  Flash Fiction, Short Story, Humor, Journalism, Dramatic Script

A portfolio can consist of four to eight pieces of writing,  in any combination of the above categories,  or all in one category.  This serves, in a sense,  as an ultimate effort such as a concert to a musician or a theater production to a playwright, or actor.  It is a valuable tool, and for Albemarle High School student seniors in the Creative Writing Department, it is now mandatory!

Those teens who submit senior portfolios of their writing  to the Scholastic National Writing Awards are in the hallowed company of artists such as Andy Warhol, Sylvia Plath, Truman Capote, Richard Avedon,  Joyce Carol Oates, Alan Arkin, Ken Burns, Carolyn Forché, Cy Twombly,  John Lithgow, Stephen King, John Updike, and many, many more.

Our programs  support the efforts of teen writers,  providing workshops, a reading series and connections to authors in the community, and nationally,  coordinating with teachers and local literary organizations to provide a broad network  of resources for our future writers.

Check out our list of local spring programs, each local writing contest is an opportunity to build your writing portfolio!