VAFesetivalofBookThe Virginia Festival of the Book,  now celebrating its twentieth year, has two panels for teen authors for the first time, on Saturday, March 22nd!    Our “First Pages” panel at 10m, and our “Question and Answer for Publishing Teen Writing” , both at the Village School.

What is a “First Page”, and why have a panel for it?  What keeps a reader interested enough to turn that first page of your work?  We write for our audience as much as we write to put our thoughts on paper.  We bring you a chance to share, anonymously,  (No one will know you  wrote the page).  Our panel of authors will share their reactions to first pages, with a following period for question and answers about the responses.

Share the first page of novels and essays,  write a first page just to explore an idea!  Come to hear the perspective of these authors, even if you do not submit!