In a recent workshop at The Writerhouse with a gifted local playwright,  DeeDee Stewart, students from area high schools learned how DeeDee incorporates writing into her daily routine.    Carrying a small notebook in which she records moments that strike her as they occur, and including snippets of dialog heard during the day, she spends a little time every evening adding details she remembers, and re- creating the scene from memory.   These scenes may show up as bits and parts of a play or character. They become a bank of ideas  she can draw from.

One student remarked that he is very comfortable with his nature writing, but struggles more to fit people as characters in his writing.   Being able to collect a “dialog” bank  helps him imagine  and build realistic conversations into his work.

We are grateful for DeeDee’s time and energy, and excited for her appearance at our local TEDx talks in November!  See DeeDee’s blog for fun, inspiration, and writing prompts on eggs!

We are excited to have two more local authors leading workshops coming up in November and December, and many more planned for the spring.  Keep an eye on our events calendar!