Our intrepid students came back to the Virginia Arts of the Book Center a second, and yet a third night,  to design and print their own posters. We used a thick, soft, Arches paper so that each poster would clearly show the impression of the type, along with the ink. Each student brought a short phrase,  selected the pica size of their font,  and “set” or laid out the wooden letters, backwards.  They learned how to lock in the type in the “bed” of the press, we inked the rollers and, well, you can see for yourself how it went!

Wood type is large, their phrases were small. We hope you can see their big joy!

Setting Type
Setting the Type


Locking the type on the bed of the press.
Locking the type on the bed of the press.


Lifting her first poster!
Lifting her first poster!

Video of

The First Run!


First poster run is finished!
Dancing In The Rain


Second poster printed!
Proud of their first prints!


More Videos to come!