Photograph by Kamryn Crossman

Three Days on the Appalachian Trail

Catherine Roesch


The mountains paint the contrast of emerald pine on black stone
of crystal blue on the dark unknown.
How many feet have walked these paths before?
I wonder this as I see the boulders
overwhelm the Earth below.
I see the trees shedding their pine cone tears;
they flood the forest floor.
How many animals have gazed over them before?
There’s a spider spinning her silky web
as the dandelion seeds swirl around.
In the dirt I see the shadow of me,
then I close my eyes and breath.
There’s a milky cloud that gently floats by
in the sky so blue and bright.
The shadows of burnt black bark against the Aspen tree,
remind me that sometimes we need to get lost to truly see.
There’s no greater gift than the silent bliss,
and no moment more true than this.