The Aftermath of Letting a Monster In
Gabriele Price
voice like gravel tumbling down into the streets
falling out of your lips
falling onto cracked pavement
fractured roads with flaking white and blue paint scribbles
shards of glass from 40’s tearing at my heart
painful rocky voice
scratching the insides of my mind
slicing everything in half
fleshy pieces falling out of my skull
everything is like the lit end of a cigarette
red hot and glowing
lighting up lost spirits
showing them the way home
warm thick air swelling up mouths and thoughts
taking up so much space
only the rocks can cut through the fog
it seems to all disappears
and float up to the top
in the corner of the room
or in my heart
you can still smell it though
you can smell the fog
it’s still there
no matter how much you try to push it away
black fallen ash on the ground
calling to me
so loudly
where did it all go?
I guess in my body


Photograph: Khrystian Powell