Standing Tall

Javin Montgomery-DeLaurier


I hate it.

I hate it.

That when I walk by

People don’t know that I saw the look in their eye

Full of contempt, with a dash of awe

While they write me off

As just another nigga with a ball

What they don’t know, is that’s just a part of me

But they assume that’s all I’ll ever be

Because when I jump it looks like I fly

But I fly in other ways too, and I fly high

But I am still, just another nigga with a ball

My mom always said be proud and stand tall

And mama I try

While I’m here

flying high in the sky

She said never let them know that it bothers you son

Because if you show weakness then in the end they’ve won.

So you just have to carry on

To make it, my child you have to be strong

You know the difference between right and wrong,

Don’t let their ignorance taint you

Be great, don’t settle for good

And always strive for excellence

There will be people who will never see

Who you are, my son

And who you can be

No matter what you do

I promise that, unfortunately this will hold true

But remember my son

be proud and stand tall

Because you are SO MUCH more than just another nigga with a ball


* Photograph: Johnny Wood