Poetry of Small Moments (Shawna Ervine)

Class Description:

Many notable poems expertly distill large concepts like racism, sexism, and equal rights into language that drive change. However, in a world where we are regularly processing influential and traumatic events, we may overlook or dismiss writing poems about small moments. Even in the current era, nothing is too trivial for poetry. Poetry about small moments can be just as powerful as poems that tackle difficult subjects. Poems about small moments may offer essential respite or allow readers a glimpse of a part of the world they have overlooked. 

This class will look at a variety of moments that might easily be dismissed such as daydreaming during an academic lecture, peeling an onion, sitting in a waiting room, observing an insect, or standing at a bus stop. We will use poems each week as teachers and look at how the writers captured small moments using various techniques including personification, metaphor, vivid sensory details, and stanzas that help show a moment. 

This is primarily a generative class. Each week I will offer prompts to help you write about your own small moments and then will allow time for you to share your poems in the larger group and in breakout rooms. If you would like, you may work on a poem and bring it back toward the end of the six weeks for feedback. I will offer a sign-up sheet the first week for those interested. 

I am invested in creating and maintaining a safe space for all teen writers regardless of any of their identities. I ask that everyone listen and respond in a way that respects and honors each poet and their work.

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