Maple Tree

Huaiyu Lu


Maple tree, river,
you, and I,
In this only summer for life,
met in the crossroad of water route.
Youth sometimes hurt in this growing season.
The tree was bleeding,
When naughty boys carved cursing or teasing words on the tree.
But these scars did not last long,
The rushing spray sent by the wave of river washed it again and again,
Until the pain was finally consoled.
The river was crying,
When rude adults threw their gross trash into the clean and peaceful river.
While the terrible scene did not stay long,
The falling green leaves given by the branches of the tree tried to cover it again and again,
Until the wounds were eventually wrapped up.
Now the growing summer is almost over,
But the river and tree are not afraid of the upcoming fall with the strength and support from each
Even in the end of the story when the cold winter comes and the river does not flow any more,
My last leaf will stay in your frozen body to commemorate our brotherhood


Photograph: Autumn Woodson