Another wonderful piece that can be found in Crossroads IV. Thank you Samuel!


I’m A Narcissist

Samuel Piller


When I was little I never liked to wear clothes.

I found them restrictive.

Why can’t you just be free?

I’ll tell you why, Eve.


I’m stuck.

I want to know more.

I want to be more.

I don’t.


I’m scared.


I’m going off to college and I don’t know what I am going to do.

Well, that is not entirely true

I’m going off to college.


I’m scared.


What does it mean to win?

I want to win. Do I?

Shouldn’t I? Yes!

Do I want to impress?

No, I mean I want to win to impress but yes no.

I’m a narcissist.


At what point does self-confidence become arrogance?

Is it too much to look at yourself in the mirror and consider yourself the sexiest man alive?


It is so easy to look at the mirror alone.


Bro, Bro, Bro,

Bruh, Bruh,

I’m only 2 percent body fat.

You want to check?

I’ll lift up my shirt right now!


I’m scared.


Love Love Love

What is love?

What are clichés?

Is love now a cliché?

Love is dead—Samuel Piller

Wait, I changed my mind—Samuel Piller


I am scared

You are a small, small man.

You’re a dick.

You’re a dope.

Stand up and face the music.


I am scared.


What is death but a long sleep?

Death is death is death is death.


I look in the mirror and say, I am strong, I am tough, I am not afraid.

The real question is when do I stop faking and start making.
I am scared.