How does your anthology grow?

We’ll take some time this month to introduce you to the volunteers behind the Crossroads III anthology, you may see familiar faces! Our students are involved in the ordering of work in our anthology,  starting with workshops and discussions led by Jacquelyn Lazo of the Darden School. Students met weekly with small groups of poems, prose and photography, around the broad wooden tables of the Virginia Art of the Book Center, sorting and discussing the works, listening to the voices, to places where the poems related to one another.

Some of took great heart, watching these young artists, seated around the very tables we use ourselves. This place of book artists opening doors for the next generation.

Five students thoughtfully organized the core manuscript with much animation as themes were identified and the shape and feel of the work began to emerge. Sticky notes flew threw fingers, and sheafs of paper were shuffled and re-shuffed, and a curatorial tone emerged, as the editors grew to know the authors, some known, some not, and sought that perfect place where each work could stand out. Those of us fortunate enough to watch the process heard passing comments, compliments over the insights, over their joy in the process.



We have had entirely too much fun reading and re-reading the submissions, and admiring the photography.  Printing 250 letterpressed covers, feeling the heft of a 200 page book in our hands, where last year there were a bare 47. We hope you join us on April 24th, at the Garage by Lee Park, and see the world through our students’ eyes

Student editors:
Olivia Vade Woude – 11th grade STAB
Kayli Wren                – 11th grade STAB
Hanna Strauss          – 12th grade Monticello High
Kamryn Crossman   – 11th grade Albemarle High
Michelle Miles           – 12th grade Monticello High