Over the next few weeks, we’ll be sharing pieces from Crossroads III as we gear up for The 2016 Festival of the Book! Here is “Blissful Ignorance” by Katie Goldstein, a beautiful piece of poetry to get your pens writing and imaginations flowing. Thanks Katie!


Blissful Ignorance

By: Katie Goldstein


Confined to the college ruled lines

Of a tiffany blue notebook,

A pen glides

And leaves its gradient mark upon

The once pristine perfect

Perforated paper.

Though there are words here,

They hold no secret meaning,

No tender tale

To be preserved indefinitely.


The pen seems not to mind

It’s not even slightly inclined

To stop.

Though with every stroke

It inches closer to

The grey rejection bin

Sitting neglected in the corner.

If it knows this it does not show, but

Rather, appears content

With the small fluent strokes it makes.

It knows not

What it writes,

But fills every day

With daydreams of the

Minds it has swayed.