A Newfound Creature

Julia Freeman


Today I heard the song of a friend

With soft strumming,

A gentle humming,

And the faintest bit of buzzing,

That started at my skin

And began to seep under

Until it danced across me

And swirled above me


Seemingly for the first time, music wasn’t about words

And for the first time, music ascended right above me

And I could almost see it lifting and tripping;

Letting me bask in its sweet, impalpability


It was as if I had awaken from a drowsy state

Of fuzzy film

And crackling sounds

And met this creature

With its own beating heart,

And its own pair of lungs

And energy so eager,

So ephemeral,

So elegant


These notes formed a creature that flies effortlessly,

Suspended for a few moments,

Until its lazy fall

As rain slides down window panes,

As sleepy feet drag on the floor


And I think for that moment,

I peaked into this friend’s imperceptible world

That’s always been closed to people like me;

Discovering this newfound understanding

And this newfound peace


So with a sigh and closed eyes,

I inhaled my thanks

And exhaled my goodbyes



Photograph: Alexandra McGowan