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Video courtesy of Pat Jarrett and Michelle Miles. Music by Travis Grice Member students Michelle Miles, Hanna Strauss, Kamryn Crossman, Olivia Vande Woude, and Yael Haskell



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virginia   i have met virginia. she has sobbed drunk in my lap at 3:53 AM on a rainy august morning her tears rolling down my bones, her trembling mouth

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my grandmothers thirteen bowls

“my grandmother’s thirteen bowls” my grandmother’s thirteen bowls had all come from Vietnam, round pale and dusty like her. thirteen hollow half-moons that hadn’t been full in years; her mother’s

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Paper Cranes

Paper Cranes Jenna Bryant   He spills words onto creamy cellulose sheets squeezing them in the spaces between thin blue veins, uniformly stacked, marred by coffee stains and poor penmanship

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